Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vegie Pies.......

Remember a favourite of ours the envelope Pasties?
Well the Pullinger house often make Pies with the same mixture!
I really like that I can put a few vegetables in that would often have small noses turned up at!
Tonight while Mark was out ( having pizza & beers watching Origin) the girls and I had Pies.
The standard start for most of the meals that I cook, onions & olive oil, (which Mark loves the smell of)
carrots and potatoes diced on the V slicer
sliced cabbage, frozen peas & corn
packet spring vegie soup
TVP mince / (beef mince can be used)
Puff Pastry
Tonight I was able to disguise Brown Mushrooms and even 1/2 a choko in the filling.
After cooking the first 4 pies a cut one to take the photo, I noticed it was a little runny so before making the rest of the pies, the cornflour came out of the cupboard (all by its self) and I made the mixture into a great pie filling.
Holly, Lilly & I all had our pie with TS of course!

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