Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bizza G's Lemon and Ginger Jam

If you've been to Williworld at breakfast time, chances are you were offered some Buderim Ginger Marmalade to complement your toast. Although frightening to some, and I must admit I was a little hesitant trying it for the first time, it really is one of the most delicious condiments. Equally delicious is the Buderim Ginger and Lime Marmalade.

Using this as inspiration - and with my lemon trees laden with beautifully rite fruit, I thought I'd try making my own version.

1.1kg lemons
400 or 500g fresh ginger
400ml water (give or take)
1.2kg white sugar

Place ginger in a large heavy-based saucepan with the water and cook gently until tender.
In the meantime, v-slice the lemons and remove the pips.
Add the sliced lemon to the ginger and cook until the lemon rind is tender.
Using a stick-mixer, blend the lemon and ginger until it is a 'roughly chopped' consistency.
Increase the heat and bring to the boil (add a little extra water to stop it from frying on the bottom of the pan, or if the mixture is just too think).
Add sugar, stirring constantly but gently until the sugar is fully dissolved.
Stirring frequently, boil for about 20 minutes or until it reaches 105-110 degrees or setting point.*
Ladle into prepared jars and tighten the lids.
Using a damp cloth, carefully clean the jars from any spills then wait and listen... I love hearing the lids 'pop' as the jam cools.

Yum! I love the sweet-tartiness and zing of the fresh ginger.
I may be a little biased, but I think I'd even prefer this to the pale-golden-jelly that inspired it.

* If you don't have a candy thermometer, test the setting point by dropping a little marmalade onto a chilled saucer, allowing it to cool for a minute before gently pushing it with your finger. If the marmalade crinkles, or is think, the setting point is reached; if not, boil for a few more minutes then check again.


  1. I'm loving reading your recipes and wishing you were a cafe. This looks like the most recent posting. Please come back and do some more. I WILL be cooking from your blog.

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