Monday, May 16, 2011

Tofu and salad wraps with 'Greenhouse Tapenade'

This is a super quick, delicious and pretty healthy lunch or dinner.

In a pestle and mortar combine the following chopped ingredients: kalamata olives, garlic, fresh basil, fresh chilli, tomato paste, salt and pepper - combine well to form a rustic 'Greenhouse Tapenade'

Dice a block of firm tofu into medium to small cubes and shallow fry until golden brown

Add massel chicken stock powder (about 2 - 5 teaspoons, depending on how strong you want it an how much tofu you have)

Continue to fry on low to medium heat until combined well, golden and little crispy

On a wholemeal wrap, spread a little tapenade and sour cream

Add tofu, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, etc... whatever your favourite salad ingredients are.

Wrap and enjoy...

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