Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Caramelised Figs with Coconut Parfait

So Aasha and I have been making caramelised figs for desert a fair bit recently due to a certain supermarket chain that has been selling punnets of fresh figs (usually 5 or 6 figs in each) for around $3-$4. Seriously good value when they can be up to $1.50 just for a single fig. Anyway, this particular evening Aasha made some coconut Parfait to accompany the figs. You can also serve the figs with a big spoonful of Greek yoghurt and some crushed nut (salted cashews are nice).

for two people I usually do the following:
4 medium-large figs
1/2 tsp butter
1 tsp brown sugar
1tsp water

If you want a sauce to drizzle over the top use a bit more water. Alternatively you can substitute water with brandy, white port or anything else that takes your fancy. This is also true for the accompaniments. While the coconut parfait was delicious, I think i prefer the Greek yoghurt as it is a nice contrast to the sweetness of the figs.

Caramelised Figs with coconut parfait

Caramelised Figs with white port syrup, greek yoghurt and salted cashews

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