Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aubergine Parmigiana

Aubergine parmigiana, a very presumptuous title as there is no actual parma ham involved in this recipe.
  • begin by slicing your eggplant into thick steaks
  • sprinkle with rock salt and roast for a while (10-15min, 150 celsius) to pre-cook and dehydrate.
  • fry onions and garlic, then deglaze with wine or whatever while you think about what to put in the sauce.
  • I chose a swathe of fresh tomatoes, skins burst in scalding water and then peeled, cubed and seeds removed. You could use passata with olives, chilies and mixed Italian herbs.
  • allow to reduce and remove eggplant from oven

  • cover eggplant with reduced sauce and a generous amount of parmigiano cheese.
  • place in oven for 15 min or until cheese turns crispy brown.
  • serve with side salad or something...

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